Friday, December 23, 2016

Clothes Online

Did you like shopping in the store this Christmas??

I normally do, and I go it alone so I can spend time sifting through racks at my leisure. The thing is, most racks are merchandised so I don't get stuck thinking about what to pair something with. I noticed this at a recent trip out.

Things that look good together are placed right next to each other

When shopping for myself, I like to try on whole outfits with shoes and a cami underneath, too. When they're on a rack close together, it cuts the guessing out.

And When You're Buying Clothes Online??

Buying clothes online that cuts the stress of getting new threads almost in half. That's if you don't count a possibly difficult return scenario. I can appreciate that a package can arrive to me when I'm home in my pajamas and hair curlers on Saturday... pure happiness!!! But will your choices look good like you think? 

The following website has personal shoppers that take your personality into consideration

They send you a personal note with clothing choices. I want to try them because I want a personal note! How cute!

One of the Best Websites for Buying Clothes Online:

1. If you like a personalized experience, try Stitch Fix

Other Websites Good for Buying Clothes Online:

2. Perfect and cute trendy fashions for plus sizes can be found at Torrid

3. For a good free shipping deal for women and men's fashion, there's asos

Coffee Chat

Coffee Chat

I've got to tell you about my new obsession for sugar-filled crepes! Im mean, I've really gone over the edge, guys... I'm adding stuff like sugar cereal and ice cream to them, ah! Vanilla ice cream in this weather is usually not a first thought in the morning. That's exactly what's happening though - I get to work, and at 10:30 am I'm at Harajuku Crepe in Beverly Hills. I walk over thinking I'll get one with egg so I feel better about it being morning. Then I order nutella and vanilla ice cream. What can I say...I like a crepe!

So how are my skinny jeans faring?

Mmmmm, let's just say ... a girl could always use a new pair of skinny jeans :)

Get it with Ice Cream and Coffee